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The 4 modules needed by an organization can be performed within 60 days for organizations employing 200 or less employees. The 4 modules can be performed in 90 for organizations that employee up to 400 employees. These 4 modules are tailor fitted to your organization and are performed with minimum disputation to productivity and the day to day activities for management team. This is a complete accelerated turn-key package.

Module 1 Plan: AMQC begins with an on-site visit to meet with the key people in the organization. A gap assessment is conducted to determine what the organization has in coloration with what they need. This process is performed for companies seeking ISO 9001 certification, or companies that need to transition to the latest ISO standard. AMQC performs a high level value stream map during these interviews to ensure that the Interaction of Processes are in alignment with the activities that taking place at the organization.

Module 2 Do: AMQC conducts an Executive Overview to work with the staff to assure a basic understanding of all the basic requirements for ISO 9001.During this time AMQC discusses the things that the organization is already doing to be in compliance to ISO 9001, and the things that the organization needs to be in compliance to the ISO 9001 standard. The Key Process Indicators and Quality Objectives are developed during this module. Next, AMQC then assembles the QMS manual and required Procedures to be in compliance to the ISO 9001 standard. The next step is to perform an Employee Overview. All employees that have an effect on quality receive an overview to the current standard. During this training AMQC gathers information to write the organizations work instruction and determine what forms are needed. AMQC works with the organizations document controller and provides the training necessary to maintain a robust ISO 9001 quality management system. Now the organization has a QMS Manual, Procedures Manual, Work Instruction Manual, and all necessary forms and documentation.

Module 3: Check: AMQC conducts an internal audit. During this audit AMQC shows the organization how to perform process based audits. Corrective Actions are assigned to the responsible business unit manager. AMQC works with the staff to perform root cause and analysis to implement corrective actions to ISO 9001 related issues. If needed AMQC provides internal auditor training for the organization.

Module 4 Act: AMQC conducts a management review meeting with the staff to ensure that all management review inputs and outputs are properly addressed. AMQC provides assistance with any issues that pertains to ISO 9001. AMQC provides the organization with a complete QMS system and composes all of the manuals needed to for a complete quality management system. AMQC will be present at Stage I and Stage II to ensure that your organization is treated fairly.

Optional Module: 8.3 Design and Development Software AMQC developed and designed a software module. This module allows your organization to cover all facets of the clause 8.3 Design and Development. This module has been successfully implemented by several organizations that have struggled with 8.3 Design and development. This module is a lean but efficient tool to ensure that your organization is in compliance to 8.3 of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Training course offered by AMQC

AMQC provides the following ISO 9001 Training:

ISO 9001 Introduction Class
Internal Auditor Training
Risk and Assessment Training
COTO & Interested Party training
Documentation Update Consulting
Employee ISO overview
Corrective and Preventive Action Training

24 hour course
36 hour course
8 hour course
8 hour course
16 hour course
4 hour course
16 hour course

AMQC developed these courses utilizing 25+ years of ISO 9001 experience. AMQC has worked with all of the 9001 standards which includes the 1994 standard, 2000 standard, 2008 standard, and the 2015 standard.


General Manufacturing Training for the Shop Floor

AMQC provides the following training form manufacturing faculties:

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T)
Shop Math
Blueprint Reading

40 hour course
16 hour course
16 hour course
32 hour course

AMQC developed these courses utilizing 25+ years of manufacturing and ISO 9001 experience. AMQC has designed and instructed these courses for fortune 500 companies. All courses come with end of the course examination and certificates.